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Interesting Brunei

I had no idea of what Brunei was like or what it had to offer other than oil so I decided to go earlier this month as part of my trip to Malaysia. I flew in from Kuching and took the bus to Bandar Seri as the bus system is very efficient and realtively cheap. The bus dropped me off right across the street from the Brunei Hotel. Very good! A lot is within walking distance of the hotel including the wet market and mosque. The one thing that I didn't know before going is that buses stop running by 6:45pm. And there is no nightlife.I took the bus to Jerudong Park but had no way of getting back. I paid someone 15 BND to drive me back to Bandar Seri. A taxi would have cost 60 BND. Not much to see or do there but I met really nice locals who told me a lot about thier country.

Friday was a mess! It is a holy day so all govermnent offices are closed including the museum so there was nothing to do. Prayer takes place between 11:45-1:30, so many things are shut down including buses. One cannot dine at an eating establishment until after 1:30 due to this. It is strange to see all exit from the mosque after prayer. It seemed as though the flow was never ending. Bruneians are very friendly people and quiet as no one discusses politics or the Royal Family. It is like an open communist country.

I am glad that I was able to travel to Brunei to see what it actually looked like. It is not one my list of favorites but it is a strange yet very interesting country to visit.

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