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Puerto Angel, hippie hangout?

Puerto Angel Photo, Puerto Angel, Mexico

Puerto Angel is about as laid back as you can get. Long popular with the surfers and hippies, I put off going there thinking I wasn't laid back enough. Laid back though it is, Puerto Angel also enjoys popularity with many European families with kids in tow.

Puerto Angel is a very small town. Only the main road through town is paved. Othwerwise it's gravel all the way. There are maybe 8 to 10 hotels or bed & breakfasts. There are enough restaurants to be able to dine at a different one every day of the week, but I think after a week you might have, in fact, visited all of them!

Surfers, snorkelers, and SCUBA divers will find plenty of waves and/or bays to entertain themselves in. Others will find that there's not much to do in Puerto Angel other than to spend the days lazing on the beach. Beach chairs are available for the rental cost of a few beers. So kick back, watch the waves, and sip your Sol.

For an even more isolated experience, hop on one of the collectivos (shared taxis) and journey out to the Zipolite or Agustinillo beaches. Huge crashing waves, rocky outcroppings, and almost no one in sight! It was quite a discovery to find that there are still beaches so unvisited.

Huatulco, one of Mexico's mega-resorts, is under development about 30 miles south of Puerto Angel. Fortunately, at this point, it doesn't seem that the resort development south of Puerto Angel is changing Puerto Angel's casual and informal culture. Only time will tell if that will remain to be so. Meanwhile, Huatulco brings the advantage and convenience of a new airport only 45 minutes away.

Get to Puerto Angel and experience some of Mexico's most undeveloped Pacific coast... while it's still undeveloped!

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