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Le Monde Creole French Quarter Tour

Le Monde Creole French Quarter Tour or 1 504 568-1801 624 Royal Street 10:00am two-hour walking tour for $18

This tour is based on Laura Locoul’s memoirs consisting of 5000 pages of documents from the National Archives in Paris. The story includes the lives of five generations of the Duparc-Locouls, one of the oldest Creole families dating from 1756 to 1963. We walked to various courtyards where life-size wood cutouts provided a visual of the person who the guide was talking about.

One courtyard provided the setting for Toussaint, a half brother of Laura’s that growing up she only knew to be one of the young slave boys. The slaves were not allowed to be around Laura while she practicing her music lessons. Toussaint came to listen to her and told her he didn’t care if he got the worse beating of his life, he had to hear the music. Eventually rather than reprimanding him, the family sent him to music school and the records aren’t clear about what instrument he played, but he changed his name, moved and went on to be a musician.

Another story discussed how her grandmother Elizabeth’s brother Louis Duparc was a ladies man and a real scoundrel. He eventually married in order to have a child and gain an inheritance, but the child died in her twenties before obtaining his inheritance. Elizabeth felt justice had been served.

Throughout the tour into different courtyards we heard about 14 individuals and how the Laura Plantation came to be. Along the way we introduced to information on voodoo, how differently slaves were treated in Louisiana (they could get their freedom) verses the other states, and the birth of Jazz. We even visited a pharmacy with leaches and other antiquated forms of medicine.

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