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Nile Dinner Cruise on the Aquarius

This two hour cruise was a beautiful three level boat that also is occassionally used for the longer trips to Luxor. The top deck had living plants, tables and chairs, and a pool. The spiral staircase was marble and the entire boat's decor was wonderful.

We had a sumptuous buffet on the lower level complete with at least a dozen desserts from pies to cakes and several different types of salads. There were about four main dishes to choose from, eggplant, chicken, beef, and pasta. I tasted many new things and liked everything.

After the meal a man and woman came out to sing. Each sang two songs by themselves and in spite of it being in Arabic, I could tell they had nice voices. The last song was a duet in English and of all songs "Take Me Home Country Road by" John Denver. Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra would have made more sense, but they did Denver proud.

Next came an untypically dressed belly dancer. No symbols, beads, coins, or veils. More like a lounge entertainer in a straight full length lycra dress with slits up to her thighs. No swords, nothing special at all, but the next act had me mesmerized.

The darwesh dancer spun in a circle continuously for over 10 minutes. He would undo a string around his waist of the skirt he was wearing and next thing you knew it was on top on his head like a big mushroom. All the while spinning. I just can't describe it well.

The view of the Nile from the top deck at night with all the lights was spectacular and I am so glad I did not miss this. Five hours later I was on the plane heading home, after a couple hours sleep.

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