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Downtown Beach Area Photo, Bonaire, Caribbean

Departure tax is $20, goods and service tax is 5%, room tax is $5.50-6.50 per person per day and tipping for diving, taxis, restaurants etc… is 10-15%. Because of what I felt was such personal service while diving, I tipped very well and am sure it is appreciated. A visa and onward ticket is required. Languages spoken are papiamentu (local), Dutch, English and Spanish. Invariably you can get your point across and/or questions answered. Dress code is casual, but beachwear worn downtown is frowned upon. Tap water is from treated seawater and is safe to drink. Post office is located at JA Abraham Blvd across from the shopping plaza and two buildings away from the tourist center.

Transportation- Taxis are not readily available but can be arranged. Bikes are about $10 per day to cover a 7 x 24 mile island. Vehicle rentals are reasonable around $40 per day, but reservations are advised to make sure a one is available. The car agencies don’t bother to inform you of the type of fuel so ask as the stations have leaded, unleaded and an oil/gas mix. Foreign driver’s licenses are accepted. The distance between Kralendijk and Hato, two main cities are a couple miles. This is an easy island to bike around, but shore diving makes vehicle rentals popular. The two places that a vehicle comes in handy are Washington Park to the north and Lac Bay to the south.

Low season is mid-April to mid-December with the rainy season from Nov-Jan. Bonaire is typically breezy making a nice hairstyle a waste of time. The evenings are balmy and a little less breezy. At 8:30 I was still walking in a t-shirt and shorts.

Shopping is closed on Sundays and during about 12:30-1:30 during the remainder of the week. Restaurants are frequently closed from 2:00-5:00.

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