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Northwestern Island Shallow Dive Sites

Ol' Blue Dive Site Photo, Bonaire, Caribbean

Many of the dive sites on the main island off the western coast can be accessed by either shore or boat. From the one way paved road along the shoreline, rocks are painted yellow indicating the name of the dive site. Average diving depth is 45-50 feet with a very mild current. The sites along here are where you find the smaller brightly colored fish such as butterfly fish, trunkfish, angelfish, gobies, and even seahorses.

The cost for a boat dive is $20 and includes a one tank dive. If you are renting a vehicle a tank hold is usually included in the back of the truck. Bonaire Marine Park charges $10 a year park entry fee that goes to the preservation on the park. The money pays for research and promoting ecological awareness. For additional information: link or limk.

Ol’ Blue’s shore access is a little tricky, but it can be done. There is ledge with staghorn coral and pencil coral as well as mushroom like coral. Wrasses and filefish come out from the shallows to great you.

La Machaca is a step off Captain Don’s Habitat (dive shop). In 30-40 feet of water you will find snappers and grunts, anemones and lettuce sea slugs (about 1 to 1 ½ inches long, but very cute). In the sandy areas you will see the yellowhead jawfish peering up from their holes. I rather thought they looked like little angels myself.

1000 steps does have a long staircase down to a beach area for shore diving, but I preferred to do this one as a boat dive. Because it is shallow and has a beach, this is also a good place for snorkeling. Trunkfish, trumpet fish, wrasses, gobies, filefish and spotted eels abound. Often the trumpet fish (master of disguise) would follow an eel in hopes of getting a meal scared up.

North Island Shallow Dive Sites Sand Dollar Dive & Photo Kaya Gob N. Debrot #77 599 717-5433 599 717-5252 fax link link

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