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Night Diving

Night Dive Photo, Bonaire, Caribbean

Town Pier is the most photographed night dive in Bonaire. Because it is a working pier with tug boats that tie up, you need to contact the harbor master or schedule the night dive with a dive shop as I did.

The lights from the pier make it much easier for a first time night diver. Concrete steps lead into the beach area, which is another plus. You can decide where to have your gear on and walk down or sit on the bottom step to put it on. Afterwards a brief snorkel, you are under the pier. The bright orange cup corals on the pilings were nearly blinding. Looking closer we found frogfish, fire worms, sponges and more. In the old tires on the bottom were eels that were easily coaxed out by tapping on the tire. Since nighttime is their feeding time you are much more inclined to see the entire spotted eel rather than just it’s head from behind a rock. Trumpet fish and trunkfish were active as well. For me, the colors during the night were the most spectacular part of the dive. The divemaster picked up a trunkfish and gently set in on the palm of my hand. I was fascinated petting this creature that was neither slimy nor weird nor confined to me in any way. This same man also petted the eels that were inside the tires.

The cost for the dive was $20 including transportation for an hour dive in a maximum of 20 feet deep water. The time in the water was from about 7:30 to 8:30pm.

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