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Drive along the Apache Trail

After eating at Canyon Lake Marina, we decided to continue along the Apache Trail (Route 88) on our way to Holbrook, Arizona, where we would spend the night.

First, a few words of caution. If you are going to drive along the Apache Trail, it's best to drive from west to east. That way, you are on the lane closest to the mountainside, rather than on the edge of a cliff. Also, I would never drive along the Apache Trail in the rain or in the dark. In addition, I don't recommend the Apache Trail if the driver is inexperienced with mountain driving.

Once you pass the town of Tortilla Flat (a little past Canyon Lake), the Apache Trail becomes gravel and remains gravel for another twenty or so miles. We didn't see many other cars on this road, which made me kind of nervous. I was afraid we would get a flat tire and be stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for another car to pass by.

All of this said, I am still glad we took the extra time to travel by the Apache Trail. While on the trail, we had views of mountains, deserts, lakes, and canyons. There were a few overlooks where you could safely park your car and take in the scenery. We stopped at an overlook above Apache Lake. There is a road nearby that leads down to Apache Lake State Park. Another site we saw along the trail is Roosevelt Dam.

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