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Searching for the Birds of Caye Caulker

Over 150 different species I had been told! Fantastic bird-watching out near the airstrip they said! Look in the mangroves they whispered as if giving me the inside story on a local secret.

So I climbed out of bed even before the sun had begun to rise like a giant sun riped mango over the tiny island and made my way to the mangrooves near the airstrip. I was going to see and (if I was very lucky) even photograph, at least some of those 150 different species.

Where did I go wrong? Although promised unusual fowl such as the rufous-necked woodrail, the black catbird, and the mangrove warbler all my wee morning hours spent hunkered down in the smelly mangroves of Caye Caulker brought me were some blue-grey birds that looked remarkable like seagulls to me. Perhaps next time I'll hire a guide which is what I reccomend to you if you decide to go bird watcher while on Caye Caulker. Honestly, 'they' tell me 150 different species!

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