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Playa Linda

Since we were shuttling in from Zihuatanejo we simply stayed on the shuttle until it arrived at Playa Linda. If you're staying in Ixtapa you can catch the shuttle too or simply hop in a cab and go about 10 km north. This beach has both water-sport rentals available but, for me, the attraction is the horses for rent! For about $10 an hour you are led on a beachfront trailride. With the cool seabreeze blowing through your hair, especialy if you take this ride near sundown when the light plays subtle tricks on the imagination, you can let your imagination soar and live any fantasy you chose. Me? I was the Mexican maiden being led away to my captors villa. He was a young man of Spanish descent with smooth, brown skin, well-developed pectorals and a butt you could bounce a quarter off!

Playa Linda is important for one other reason. This is where you catch the launch to Isla Ixtapa and THAT's where the terrific snorkeling is found.

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