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Hofn, the name means harbor

Atlantic Ocean Photo, Hofn, Iceland

We fetched Hofn after 2 days on a wild north Atlantic ocean. The harbor at Hofn (I apologise for not having the correct type fonts) is one of the very few on the Europeon side of Iceland. Hofnfjordur fjord is remarkable in that it is almost entirely cut off from the Atlantic Ocean by sand spits to often cause the appearance of this fjord to be almost as tranquil as a lake! To think of what this meant to the ancient Vikings arriving in Iceland!

Hofn itself frankly isn't much to look at. The growth that came after the Ring Road was finished in 1974 has increased the population to almost 2000 people. The majority of the buildings are concrete block. There's no wood for building in this part of Iceland, in fact hardly any in the whole country. Ancient buildings have not survived. You can get a place to stay, a meal, and do elementary shopping; but this isn't a beautiful Norweigan village on a fjord! My best description for the buildings is 'functional'. The town is your starting place for interesting tours.

The mountains are smoothed off by millions of years of exposure to the winds of the Atlantic Ocean. Just off Hofn on a National Geographic map of Iceland is an area marked 'the roughest seas in the world'. That made some of us feel very good! You bet!

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