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On the road again

Nut Village Photo, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Along the way to Kandy from Colombo there is a lot to see. You will pass through villages where they sell their produce on the roadside. One of the vivid images that will stick out in my mind is the girls of the Nut Village... dressed in brightly colored sarongs waving their wrists at the passing cars to try to get them to stop and buy their nuts.

You also pass by many rice paddocks being worked by hand in 100 degree plus temperatures. If the paddock is owned by a wealthier person you may notice a cow helping in the process.

On the return trip to Colombo, stop and pick up some pinapples in the Pinapple Village. Sri Lanka has the best tasting pinapples in the world. I bought 6 jumbo-sized pinapples for 200 rupees (that's $2 US). I also was educated that to grow pinapples means that you are also creating a breeding ground for some very deadly snakes, and the owners of the houses on these plantations need to check their beds before sleeping.

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