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Shada Palace

The Shada Palace is one of the main attractions. Although it was turned into a museum in 1987. They restored the rooms and exhibits. It looks very beautiful and it's full of regional handicrafts and household goods. Most visitors to Saudi Arabia come solely to visit Mecca, just inland from Jeddah. Mecca is the Islam's holiest city, and all devouted to Muslims. They say that wherever they live in the world, They are supposed to make the pilgrimage (or hajj) here once in their life. Amazing! This is where Mohammed was born in the 6th century AD, where he began preaching and where he returned for his final pilgrimage. Mecca and the holy sites in its immediate vicinity are off limits to non-Muslims though. Apart from the obvious ideological arguments against breaking this rule, there are checkpoints along the roads to the city to stop non-Muslims from coming too close.

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