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Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery Company

1 Jefferson Avenue Highway
124 Chippewa Falls, WI
Phone: 715-723-5557

Chippewa Falls is only about a half hour drive from the heart of Eau Claire. It is home of Leinenkugel's Beer. Try the beer and taste for yourself its true quality compared to other beers in Wisconsin. Most bars and restaurants in the Chippewa Valley (including Eau Claire) serve at least one of the many varieties of Leinie's .

Leinenkugel Varieties
- Original - the original brew
- Light - the light version
- Leinie's Red - need I say more?
- Creamy Dark - dark malt variety
- Honey Weiss - (pronounced with a 'v') a wheat beer with a hint of honey, highly recommended
- Berry Weiss - brewed from a blend of Pale and Wheat malts and Cluster hops, then sweetened with fresh Wisconsin loganberries, elderberries and blackberries, highly recommended , (seasonal beer only)
- Northwoods Lager - known as an 'Oktoberfest-styled' beer, it is made with barley malt and aged longer than most American lagers
- Hefeweizen - a Bavarian-style wheat beer; Hefeweizen combines German words 'hefe' (meaning 'yeast') with 'weizen' (meaning 'wheat')
- Bock - creamy, caramel-malted brew

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company's Leinie's Lodge offers free tours of the eighth oldest working brewery in the U.S. Free Samples for those of legal age (21+). Reservations recommended.

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