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Blackbeard's Experience pt.2

Corals Photo, Bahamas, Caribbean

Monday, February 2, 2004

Finally, we are diving!!!!

Rainbow Reef at 7am
Big Greenie at 9am
Stevie's Wonder at 1pm
Crotch Rock at 4pm
Crotch Rock at 6pm for a night dive

During the various dives I learned that angelfish can be VERY inquisitive (one almost kissed me), I saw a flamingo tongue for the first time, I saw rays, barracuda, and my very first octopus. The poor octopus was so frightened by the nine or so divers surrounding it, beaming lights on it (during the night dive) and following it that it curled itself up into a ball. When one of the divers continued to poke it, the octopus finally inked and shot off in the distance. All the dives were good except Stevie's Wonder, which had very poor visibility.

When we are not diving, we are eating it seems. Continental Breakfast, Hot Breakfast (after the 1st dive), Lunch, Snack, Supper (after the night dive) - food, food, food. And it's all good, thanks to Kate, our fantastic cook.

After all the diving, I reviewed the day’s photos from my digital camera on the TV in the main salon, starting what would become the nightly "slideshow." There were numerous digital underwater cameras on board, mostly of the Canon variety, and we all showed our photos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

More diving!!!

Nodules at 7am
Bull Run for a shark feeding at 1pm
Panther (wreck) at 4pm
Bull Run at 6pm for a night dive

Between the first and second dives, we head to a deserted island. It has a beach that is made from lava and there are cacti that grow wild. I am excited by this, as it is the first time I have been somewhere that a cactus just sprouts from the ground. The people from Arizona think that I am quite simple at this point. We spend a couple of hours on the island, walking the beach, looking at shells, taking photos, while others fish for the bait for the shark feeding.

The shark feeding is great. There is a 4ft nurse shark who goes from diver to diver wanting to be petted (just stay away from its mouth). Another 8ft nurse shark nicknamed Big Bertha. And a grouper who got a little too close to the action a few weeks earlier. He is missing a big chunk of his head, but has healed up nicely. I decided that his nickname should be Denty - as his head appears to be dented.

There is more food all day long and a bonfire was offered to all passengers. I declined and went to bed quite early.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

More diving!!!!

Tuna Alley at 9am
Piquet Rock at 2pm
Sapona (wreck) at 4pm
Sapona at 6pm for a night dive

Between the first and second dives we visit Gun Cay, a major navigational point in the Bahamas. Howard Hughes once owned the island, after which the Bahamian government took it over and let all the buildings go to pot after one hurricane or another. The lighthouse has a very rickety set of stairs, which I did not choose to navigate, but I did venture into the broken down buildings to take some photos of our boat at the dock.

Tonight is to be our night in North Bimini. The only thing opened is End of the World, which is showing American Idol. I am exhausted and not feeling too well, so I call home and then head back to the boat. I'll be very happy to be home in 48hours.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

It is very windy today. I wake up at 7am and go up to deck. My ear is hurting and I just don't feel well. I go to the once-loved Weeches' showers. They're still great, but I think I have my sea legs - now when I'm on land and I close my eyes, I feel seasick!! Great!!!!

I have breakfast on the boat and then decide to skip the first dive and sleep for a bit. I wake up at 130pm!! I have missed two dives, I feel horrible, my ear feels like it will explode if anyone touches it, and I decide to skip the 3rd and last dive of the day. I go back to bed after a quick lunch. I believe I have been all-dived-out!!

Not much happens for the rest of the day. The crossing back to Miami is a lot calmer, but there are still occasional jackhammer-like waves at the bow. We are back in Miami by midnight.

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