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Not the only place to dive....

Nurse Shark Photo, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Despite what marketing programs may try to make you believe, the Great Barrier Reef is not the only place to dive in Australia.

We were amazed by the GBR, but loved Sydney as well.

Another diving day – one that we have been looking forward to for the entire trip! We travel to Bondi Beach to dive with sharks!! Our first dive of the day has wobegones (a type of shark that will rip your arm off – something I didn’t know at the time), grouper, and nudibranches.

The second dive is the one we’ve been waiting for – sharks – these guys live in a cave about 45 feet down and sleep during the day. We were their wake up call. There were 6 or 7 big nurse sharks that looked really scary – however this type of shark doesn’t want to eat humans – but were very timid & wished we would leave.

We continued on with the dive, after Andrew got a few photos, to see another wobegone, a cuttlefish and a grouper that decided he would be our escort. He decided to make his film debut & posed for a few shots.

Dive Bondi was great & our guide, Dan, was fantastic & excited to dive with Canadians with cold-water experience. He finished off 2 open water divers on their course with us. Can you imagine one of your qualifying dives being with sharks!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

I highly recommend this establishment -- they pulled it together for us with little notice & were very accommodating.

The boat was a new one to the shop - the captain provided us with soup, crackers, tea, and cookies between dives. I love that Aussie hospitality!! They're so much like us Canadians!!

Give the a call, you won't regret it!!
Dive Centre Bondi
ph 61 2 9369 3855
fax 61 2 9369 3152
web site Dive Bondi

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