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Saumur - wine and mushrooms

We visit Bouvet-Ladubay wine caves in the Loire Valley. I am not a wine drinker but the tasting after the tour changes my mind -- I am in love with a wine I will never be able to afford at home.

The tour is good, bilingual (there is a French family touring with us), and informative. The guide's English abilities are very advanced!!

After the tour, being quite tipsy from the tasting, we head to the local Mushroom Museum. This is a rip off. There are no English tours, even though promotional material and guide books tell us there is. They sell us a $8 mushroom book in English and off we go underground to look at mushrooms grow. There are pretty mushrooms, colorful mushrooms, and oddly shaped mushrooms. Mushrooms, mushrooms, everywhere.

The museum also has a small restaurnt attached which will serve you mushrooms in a variety of states. Fried, fricaseed, boiled, shredded, etc. -- you want your mushrooms done a certain way, this is the place to go!!!

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