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C'est si bon!!! Part 3

Friday, April 3, 1998
Head off to Paris. We will be staying 2 nights at Hotel Stella (STELLA!!!), a 5-storey walk-up hotel in the Latin Quarter. Great location, but no heat (and it is still chilly at night), and no help dragging luggage up and down the stairs. We go to the Louvre where we see the Mona Lisa (disappointing), another dead king’s apartment, and the Code of Hamarubi – anyone who took Grade 12 Law from Mr. Wallace at HTHS will remember that this is the 1st ever written law (King of Babylon engraved a stone tablet with the laws he wanted his citizens to follow, stuck it in the middle of town, and let them read the laws). We have dinner in a Greek restaurant, that beats the hell out of Dmitri’s in Fredericton. Then we’re off to the Eiffel Tower, after dark. Paris truly is the City of Lights.

Saturday, April 4
We go to the Musee D’Orsay, which has a special Monet exhibit. This was the highlight of the trip for me – Monet everywhere – prints I had seen forever and now I get to see the real thing. After the museum, we take a Bateaux Mouches tour up and down the Seine, where they point out all the sights that we were too tired to see, or didn’t have enough time to see. We then head to the area near the Louvre that resembles Times Square in NYC (the part that has all the tacky tourist shops – cheap t-shirts, souvenir Eiffel Towers, and the like) to pick up the required items for those nephews at home. The last thing we did in Paris was spend 3 hours in a restaurant. We started off ordering our food and then began talking with the couple next to us. They asked us about our part of Canada and how we liked France. They told us about places we should have gone to, so they’re on a list now, in case I ever go back.

Sunday, April 5
Go to the airport so that I can be loaded onto a plane to wait 3 hours to take off (between queue delays, fuel miscalculations, and fainting passengers). Finally we make it back to Halifax at 6pm. Very happy to be back on Canadian soil.

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