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Egyptian Society

I also have to share an aspect of Egyptian society that impressed me so much. We were setting off for the day when we realized Adel had a completely flat tire. Within a minute, there were no less than 9 or 10 men helping him with the tire. Everyone on the street offered to help. Everyone pulls together because life is so rough it seems. In a city of 16 million people, everyone makes the time to help a neighbor. It is not even questioned. We are so independent as Americans. We have gotten to the point where we don't even trust someone who offers help on the road, and usually that's the safe thing to do. I was really impressed by the willingness to help, and at every turn in the road, when we needed directions, we would ask for help and every single person gave us his best effort. I can't say you would find that in California.

My trip to Egypt has effected me in wonderful and profound ways. I hope that many more Americans are able to experience this rich, inviting country and return again and again.

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