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How to Make Homemade Cherry Wine and Brandy.

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In rural Slovakia, it is very common for the people who live in the villages to make their own wines and brandies. This is how to make cherry wine or brandy. I spent an entire day pitting and squeezing cherries into juice at my friend's house. I swore that if I saw another cherry, I would scream!

You make a sugar water with hard sugar and water. It takes time, but it has to be done right. Let it stand until desired sweetness. Then add sugar water to cherries that have been put into a 5 or 10 gallon jug. Add yeast and let ferment for 6 weeks for wine and 8 weeks for brandy. NOSDRAVNE (CHEERS!)!!

Just be careful when drinking the brandy, it burns and packs a whallop!

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