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More Facts About the the Mighty A

In front of the guns of the USS Alabama Photo, Mobile, Alabama

Here are some more facts about the USS Alabama that weren't mentioned in the other entries.

In addition to winning nine battle stars in the Pacific Theater, the USS Alabama shot down 22 enemy aircraft and had a very low casualty rate during its World War II service. Only five soldiers from the Alabama were killed in action, and that was from a friendly-fire incident in 1944.

After the Alabama was decommissioned and permanently moored in Mobile Bay in 1969, many movies for TV and theater and miniseries were filmed onboard its decks. War and Remembrance, Under Siege, and Mission of the Shark are a few movies filmed on the Alabama.

I bought my friend Leslie a thimble of the USS Alabama, not only for her collection, but because her father served on the USS Indianapolis in the Pacific during WWII. The Indianapolis wasn't as lucky as the Alabama, for it was sunk in the Philippines in 1945, and her dad spent a couple of days adrift in the shark-infested waters of the Philippine sea before being rescued by American forces. The captain of the Indianapolis was brought up before a court martial after the war for incompetence, but he was cleared. The captain never recovered from this trauma and committed suicide years later. This story was made into the TV movie Mission of the Shark, with Stacy Keach, about 14 years ago. Seeing the Alabama reminded me of the story Leslie told me, and one must remember those who perished during WWII.

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