Long Beach Stories and Tips

Green Line/Blue Line from LAX

When you land at the Los Angeles Airport, go to the island marked with a black sign for the free 'G' shuttle bus to the Green Line's Aviation Station. These shuttles run approximately every 15 minutes. When you arive at Aviation Station, you can purchase a $1.35 one-way ticket from one of the machines before taking the escalator or elevator up to where you will meet the train. Before to hold on to your ticket, which is your only proof that you have paid the fare. If an officer asks to see it, just take it out of your pocket and show it.

Board the Green Line train heading for Cerritos, and exit at Rosa Parks station. At Rosa Parks station, take the stairs or elevators down one level, then take change to the next set of stairs or change elevators to get down to the Blue Line's Imperial Station. Be careful to take the train marked 'Long Beach,' which will take you directly to downtown Long Beach, where the major hotels are just a short distance from First Street Station. Welcome to Long Beach!

Along the way, you will ride along the newest freeway in California, see the famous Watts Towers, pass a real California Casino with a Slick Track in the parking lot, cross the Los Angeles River and probably be fascinated by the other people on the train. All for less than $2.00! What a great way to be introduced to the Los Angeles area!

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