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Belgian Beer Tasting

Belgian beers come in many flavors - from heavy, full bodied dark beers to sweet, fruity beers - and everything in between. Beer shops are a great place to buy souvenirs since many beers come in attractive bottles that are great for gift giving. I set out to try beers that were far different than what I was used to and didn't have any trouble finding lots to choose from. Most bars and taverns sell kriek and framboise beer in small bottles (about 6-8 ounces). Kriek is cherry flavoured and has a syropy taste. Framboise is a light raspberry beer that is refreshing on a hot day.

The more obscure chocolate beer (4.2% alcohol) smells much like chocolate but is very fizzy and doesn't follow through on the taste. Peach beer is a pretty colour but I found it had sharp flavour and left an unpleasant aftertaste. Blonde beer is just that - very light in colour but the taste is similar to mainstream U.S. beers. Of all the beers I tried, I probably wouldn't buy any again but it was still an adventure for my taste buds.

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