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Reykjavik Photo, Reykjavik, Iceland

Although there was a lot of snow on them while I was there (the worst snow storm in 20 years), what you will see on postcards, or during a trip in the summer, is that the roofs of Reykjavik are very picturesque and colorful. You will notice in the winter that there is no smoke from fireplaces. The air is very clean.

Unlike most of Northern Europe, Icelanders enjoy very large windows in their homes. It is almost striking to be in Europe with houses that have such large windows.

Both the lack of fireplaces and large windows are attributed to the fact that all of the heat for the City comes from hot water that is piped from geothermal springs.

Reykjavik is the closest European Capital to North America, and it is a cross between North America and Europe. About half of the cars are American, the other half, European. English is a required language in schools, as are Icelandic and one other Nordic language. It is not uncommon for Icelanders to speak several languages. I was surprised to find Icelanders speaking Japanese. The people are exceptionally friendly and very accomodating to the tourists (even though it is a very small industry). You will meet people that may very well become friends.

The people of Iceland are descendants of the original Vikings, and Icelandic is the oldest surviving Viking language in its near pure form. Many of the citizens are Inuit with their 'Eskimo' features, and the rest are Nordic with Blond hair and blue eyes.

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