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Special telephone call made from Jekyll Island

Special Telephone Photo, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Near the entrance to the Indian Mound Cottage is a telephone and not just any ordinary telephone.

This telephone was used to make the first transcontinental telephone call. Theodore Vail, the presdient of AT&T, was supposed to make the call from somewhere else.

But a leg injury found him recuperating on Jekyll Island when the time came to make the first call.

In order to make this historic call, telephone company employees, had to run a thousand miles of cable to the island.

On January 25, 1915, Vail, talked with Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, who was in New York, Thomas Watson, the assistant to Bell, who was in San Francisco and President Woodrow Wilson, who was in Washington, D.C. The call reportedly lasted several hours but as president of AT&T, I am sure he was not paying the bill.

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