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The Smelliest Delicasy in the World

For those in the know, I mean, of course, Cho Dofu (literally "stinky tofu"). This Taiwanese delicacy is sold from carts in many of the markets in Taipei. When I went to visit my friend, he made me promise to try everything. No problem. That's one of the joys of travel, right? Well, I loved most everything I tried, Taipei has fabulous food, but this was the one thing I couldn't swallow. Seriously. It's not called stinky tofu for nothing. Cho Dofu is deep fried fermented tofu served with cabbage and hot sauce. If you can stomach it, it is a nice, cheap meal. The smell is, well, not to mince words, vile. To me it smells like my dogs doo-doo. Of course, when I tried it, it tasted exactly like the smell. No wonder I couldn't get it down. My friend was disappointed as he loves it, so, he thought he would get me to try it again. Only this time he didn't tell me what it was. What he did was get a bunch of fried vegetables and had me try them. As we had been walking for a while after he had bought them, the smell had dissipated enough that I was able to eat it. OK. So it wasn't that bad. I still didn't like it very much. I've never been a tofu fan, but at least I had kept my promise and had an interesting experience in the bargain!

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