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Renting an Apartment in Florence

If you were interested in moving to Florence, and thereby renting an apartment, I’d recommend getting here first, then looking. Any search done from home will yield the more expensive options, as Florentines are well aware of the fact that you aren’t familiar with their real estate market. If you can spill 1,000 USD and up per month, by all means go online and call the advertised house agencies. If saving your money to spend on clothes, food or travel is more your style, stay in an inexpensive hotel upon arrival. You should be able to find something within two weeks, depending on your expectations.

What will you find? It varies. The main options are the usual apartments, studios, and then shared rooms either with a family or university students. Prices range from 600.000 lire to 3 million lire. I found an apartment on Via Ricasoli, with windows overlooking the duomo’s sculped pink and green walls, for 300 USD a month- a shared space with six Italian girls studying at the local university.

Be sure to ask whether spese (water, electricity and heat) are included or not. If living with a family, discuss things like use of the kitchen, washing machine, keys, visitors and curfews.

Local Real Estate Agencies

Florence House
Via De¡¯ Pucci, 4
055-289-947 or 055-219191

Florence Real Estate Agency of Luca Gandelli
Piazza G. Salvemini, 7
055- 240-612

Filaci Real Estate
Piazza Salvemini, 16r
055 23 44 447

Miet Wohn Zentrale Florence
Via Orti Oricellari, 10

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