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David Nash Photo, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Half of the trip to the Grand Canyon was being in the company of The World Outdoors guides and the rest of the group. Although I would have liked to explore and hike the canyon on my own, I wouldn’t have learned as much about the geology, botany or history of the area. And I wouldn’t have made as many friends!

Our group of about 10 had the full attention of two knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient guides: David and Stephanie. From the first to the last moments of the trip, they had a smile on their face and a helping hand to lend. They each knew so much about each flower, tree, bird and rock. They prepared amazing picnic lunches for us, and didn’t make us feel bad at all if we wanted- or needed- to take our time along the trails.

Here’s some more information about our guides:

Dave is a photographer and daredevil mountain biker. This is the same guy who reads to you and holds your hand as you look over a cliff. He’s got great motivational skills, an excellent knowledge of Indian history and a head of red hair to match his fiery, adventurous spirit. Agile on the rocks and edges of canyon wall, he also guides the Hawaii Multi-Sport Adventures and Fat Tire Fantasies.

Steph was our chef extraordinaire, friend on the trail and role-model superwoman. Any "adrenaline option" there was, she took it. From diving into an icy waterfall to clinging onto a chain ladder over a 1,000-foot drop, she could match anyone in her fearlessness. More than that, though, she was patient and fun. On the last day of the trip, she had the idea to have everyone sign cards to each other, as a memento of our time together.

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