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Five Neighborhood Descriptions

1. Bay Ridge- The Verrazano Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, is sometimes forgotten when tourists think of New York's bridges. But this bridge is not to be overlooked. This was once the longest bridge in the world and is now the backbone of a thriving community called Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge was settled by the Dutch in the 1600's- today, it is home to many Greek, Arab, Italian and Irish people. With sprawling houses and tree-lined streets, Bay Ridge has a very suburban feel to it. Along Third Avenue, there are wonderful restaurants, lounges and boutiques. You can also take a stroll along Shore Road, which offers a view of Staten Island, New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan.

2. Coney Island- Ever had a Nathan's hot dog? Rode the Cyclone? If not, come down to Coney Island- a beach, boardwalk and amusement park all in one. Have your palm read, see a freak show, play some games or just enjoy the surf and sand. Brooklyn's very own baseball stadium is in the works here so this area is sure to be hot soon!

3. Chinatown- Yes, in Brooklyn. On Eighth Avenue between 50th and 65th streets to be exact. Immerse yourself in this culture's food, people, sounds and smells. Dim Sum and chinese take-out are the best around (expect to wait an hour on Sundays). Fresh fish and vegetable markets are abundant as are Chinese video-stores and tea houses.

4. Bensonhurst- Saturday Night Fever. The 18th Avenue Feast in late August. Italy is alive in this vibrant and authentic neighborhood. Mouth-watering pasta and cannoli, Italian music stores, churches and Italian fashion are just some of the surprises this area has to offer. How YOU doin?!

5. Brooklyn Heights- Brooklyn Heights is one of the richest, oldest, most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Located right across the river from Manhattan,it offers excellant views along the Promenade, historic brownstones to make your mouth drop and a host of trendy restaurants and shops.

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