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A walk around Walport, Oregon

Oregon Coast Photo, Depoe Bay, Oregon

The small community of Walport provides a comfortable stop along your costal drive. This happens to be the town where my husband lived as a teenager and served his "juvenile delinquency". The "Old Bridge" where he was arrested some 30 years ago as a "minor-in-possession" is still there, although the original bridge was long ago imploded and new bridge now stands in its place.

Miles and miles of sandy beaches broken only by a few rocky monuments and man made landmarks, with areas for enjoying rugged shorelines and beautiful nearby forests. Things are a bit more laid back in this area with dunes, flat beaches and dramatic forests as the only real tourist attractions.

The bridge at Walport is a nice stop, with a small museum loaded with information and brochures about local sites. A pleasant beach waits for strolls but the bridge itself is an interesting site, but really not as impressive as the bridge at Newport.

We walked around the town: reliving old memories, past the no longer used one-cell jail house, the Schoolhouse which once housed grades k-12 all in one building and the Old Town Tavern.

Dad once owned a Sawmill on the Oregon coast, during a time when cutting trees was not politically incorrect. He and his mill workers frequently stopped at the Old Town Tavern for a few beers after a long day of hard labor. The place is still the same--but we had to stop by and knock one back just for Dad!

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