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Train Stations

German train stations are wonders of efficiency. While I've been in and out of many stations, I'm only gonna talk about the two major ones I've been to: Frankfurt and Munich.

I've been to the Frankfurt one four times (major hub), and all I can say is that it's humongous. One section was all brand new and modern - so much so you can still smell the paint. Another section was older but no less impressive. The Frankfurt has a McDonald's outlet - I know, I know, we don't exactly go to Europe to eat at McDonald's but when you're wanting a cheap bite, then McDonald's is nothing if not COMFORT food. Also has a good bookstore.

The Munich Hauptbahnhof is also pretty cool. Spent lots of time here. Also a bookstore, a few crappy food outlets. There is a Euraide office here - hallelujah! For the uninitiated, Euraide is an English-speaking train help center for poor, monolingual travellers like me. Seriously speaking, most Germans speak EXCELLENT English, but sometimes, it's just a good break to find someone who is a native speaker and who understands you easily and completely. It's very much in demand and lines are usually very long. They can help with all sorts, from train reservations to route planning. The Munich train station also has an internet cafe. Fast computers, rather expensive though.

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