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2nd and Kingsley

We drove into town mid-afternoon. The sun was drooping from the sky. It was hot and dusty. We came for one purpose and one purpose only. We wanted to see 'the corner'. I'd heard the song many times. It's one of my favorites, but I never stopped to ponder about where that 'corner' was. Winslow. Winslow, Arizona. Second and Kingsley to be exact. We twisted through town and parked along the street. There it was. A bronze statue of a young Don Henley. Murals along the brick walls. A girl in a flatbed Ford. We'd listened to the song all the way into town. I crossed the street to take a picture. I needed to remember the moment. The music started and I jumped. It was magical. Really it was a woman in a window above the street who knew we'd appreciate the song. We perused her store and bought t-shirts because she was so thoughtful. Then we slipped into the car and moved on. We'd seen what we'd come for. Watching the sun set in the distance, we decided to 'take it easy.'

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