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Samni Village

Village1 Photo, Ghana, Africa

The Chief, Gabangudana gave us a hut or 'compound' to sleep in and the villagers flooded us with gifts of food and pigeons to eat. One evening we gathered around and they drummed and danced under the stars. What a great experience! After a while the village life began to get annoying, not because of the rough living but due to the fact that white people very rarely travel through this region and the villagers couldn't get enough of us. They literally followed us everywhere to watch us. They would stand in silence and whenever we would do something amusing they would burst out in laughter and start mumbling in their native mampruli to each other. Twice I was fortunate enough to meet with the chief. When escorted into his compound you must formally greet him by bowing down and clapping your hands. He silently repeated the word 'naa naa' while he welcomes you to his village. Chief Gabanguduna was a friendly man although most of his own villagers have never been able to meet him. He is the oldest child of the queen who recently died at (supposedly) 145 years old.

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