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swa1 Photo, Swaziland, Africa

The Kingdom of Swaziland is a very traditional country. My last journey through Swaziland took me from the northern border of South Africa through Mbabane and then west back into South Africa. Unfortunately for me my fuel pump was leaking from damage sustained the week before in Mozambique. I had to pull over constantly to attempt to patch the fuel leak. I wasn't able to find any auto parts store so my whole journey was slightly stressful.

There is great shopping along the R570 and you can buy beautiful hand carved rock art from the many vendors along the side of the road (they will also trade clothing for their work). Swaziland's landscape consists of low mountains dotted with trees and villages, and there are a few national parks with an array of wildlife. The daily costs in Swaziland staying in campgrounds or cheap hotels and eating local foods will run $8-$10.00 per day.

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