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Discover History through Art

It’s always more fun to visit a destination if you know a little about its history, and then pick up some additional facts along the way. In Koblenz, you can learn about its fascinating history as you look at a piece of artwork. The History Column, a gigantic sculpture, has ten different levels that take you from the time Koblenz was a Roman settlement (with Romans rowing a boat), on through the Crusades and Prussian period, to Heute or today.

Pick up a brochure about the monument at the tourist office, and you’ll be able to follow along as your eyes move upward through history. It’s interesting that the artist, Jurgen Weber, does not represent history as always progressing but, instead, as moving forward and always reinventing itself.

The History column was completed in 2000 and was a present from the Rhineland-Palatinate to the town of Koblenz to celebrate its 2000th anniversary in 1992. It is located near the Jesuit church at Gomesplatz.

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