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Taste Your Way Through Baltimore's Little Italy

Little Italy, (or, as you might hear in Baltimore, "L’il It-ly"), just a few blocks east on Pratt Street from the Inner Harbor, is one of Baltimore’s most famous ethnic neighborhoods. It is a natural way to start your behind-the-scenes tour of Baltimore.

Here, away from the modern architecture and glitzy displays of Charles Street and the Inner Harbor, you’ll be able to get a close-up look at this Italian enclave. The main attraction here in Little Italy are the many authentic Italian restaurants, but the area is mainly a residential area, and it's fun to capture the flavor of everyday Italian-American life as you linger at the outdoor Bocce (bowling) court or appreciate the splendor of St. Leo's Church. Wander down Albermarle, Fawn, High, President and Exeter Streets, and you will probably see residents sitting in on their immaculately clean marble steps in front of their brick and brownstone row houses. Many have been in the same family for generations.

In Baltimore’s Little Italy you will find a treasure trove of authentic Italian food just waiting for you to sink your fork in and start twirling. Spaghetti, of course, is only the beginning. All the Italian classics--from massive antipasti planners--to frothy cappuccino are here.

In restaurants such as Da Mimmo’s, Vellegia’s, Boccaccio’s and Ristorante Della Notte, you’ll find a vast array of authentic Italian dishes. From Antipasti to whet your appetite to creamy, layered Zuppa Inglese (similar to an English trifle) for dessert, the restaurants in Little Italy can temporarily transport your taste buds back to the old country. Reservations are highly recommended for these popular places. The ice cream creations and Italian pastries such as creamy cannoli at Vaccarro’s are spectacular, so be certain to save some room to really treat your sweet tooth.

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