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Cheers in Cologne

Beer has been produced in Germany for centuries, and one of the pleasures of visiting this country is to taste the various regional specialty beers. With just a few basic ingredients: hops, barley malt, yeast and water, German master brewers turn what was a household craft into a masterful profession.

From a sophisticated bar in Berlin to the back roads of Bavaria, you’ll be able to sample an incredible range of this liquid gold.

When in Cologne, raise your glasses and drink a toast with Kölsch, the city’s special beer brewed according to a secret recipe that can only be brewed in the Cologne area. Kölsch is a top fermented beer, which means that during the fermentation process, the yeast deposits near the top, giving the beer its unique taste of hops. Even the EU Commission in Brussels agrees with the rule, and there are plenty of breweries in around Cologne to keep up with the demand for this flavorful brew.

Served in small, slender rods or stangen glasses, it’s said that it takes 5 glasses of Kölsch to equal one Bavarian "Mass" (one liter glass of beer). What fun it is to see if its true. Leave the driving to someone else if you do.

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