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Hanseatic League

In the Middle Ages there was a great trading culture in the Dutch cities along the rivers. A few of them merged, together with several other North-European cities into the Hanseatic League. The League was formed among the cities from the North Sea and the East Sea (Scandinavia and the Baltic).

In the Netherlands seven cities have restored the Hanseatic pact again, with the purpose to attract tourists. From north to south: Hasselt, Kampen, Zwolle, Hattem, Deventer, Zutphen and Doesburg. All these cities breathe the medieval spirit by its monuments (in Kampen over five hundred) and the way they are presented to the public.

Besides sightseeing the centres of these cities and towns, you are also able to walk a path (164 km) from Kampen to Doesburg along the river IJssel or bike to North Germany (135 km). But of course there are also day tours available from a few kilometers.

Public transport has not developed very well in this region. There are possibilities to go by small buses with special fares to villages like Zalk, Wilsum, Hattem, Windesheim or Kamperveen.

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