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No Excuse for Hunger

There is a ton of good food on the island. Tompson's Bakery has excellent cinnamon rolls. There seems to be good cakes at every bodega. Victorines on the westside, past the treehouse, has the best ginger and sugar cookies and rich coconut bread. Captain Jack's is great for lunch or dinner. His special salsa is incredable for a dutchman, and his tortillas are addictive. Allegedly, the Cay's fish burger recipe was originally his. For a little less money, the ladies near the dock sell tortillas with beans cheese and onions for $.33.

Bundu Cafe is good for a snack and has yogurt shakes for the irregular traveler. They also have a book exchange with plenty of books in English. Las Pelicas serves some good fish. Mario's is one of the best even if the service takes forever. Go there at least an hour before you start to get hungry. Their conch is my flavor of the year, although I've heard it's also endangered. All of their dishes are tasty and best enjoyed when the power goes out. That way the TV is off and everything is illuminated by candles. So romantic. There's also Munchies which I didn't think had great lunch, but serves the best ice cream on the island.

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