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Conservatory for Coffees, Teas, and Cocoas

Come early on a weekday and smell the robust tang of coffee coming into its full roasted potential. A.J., the roastmaster, cooks up fresh batches of coffee almost everyday, right inside the cafe. He is friendly and knowledgeable and will answer any questions about the sacred bean. Custom roasts done on request. Get a pound of your favorite country or the freshest coffee available (there's nothing like running home to brew a pot while the beans are still warm in the bag). Alas, do not forgo an indulgence into their specialty coffee drinks. My sister swears by their espresso mochas (she usually tries to position herself in line so that AJ is the one who makes it). I prefer the cappachino, the Conservatory being the only place I'll drink one outside Italy and North Beach, San Francisco. The espresso is so rich and creamy; the foam is as delicate as an angel desending from heaven.

The Conservatory is located in Culver City, on Washington Blvd. between Jasmine and Clarington, across from Sony Picture Studios (used to be MGM)

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