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Day 6 : The Amsoud mountain

For the first time, we will go higher than 3000m. Sun cream, sunglasses and headgear would be no luxury. Luckily the complete expedition gear, including tents, camp stoves, tools, a large clump of sugar and food are carried by the mules, otherwise it wouldn't be imaginable. Today, the drivers take another route so we have to take a picnic with us. Rising, descending and rising again. In the midst of the fantasy mountain scenery, the sun burns down on us fiercely. Even if I think I'm in a desolate area, either a shepherd appears with his flock or somebody is ploughing a small field at this altitude. I guess you're never really alone in the High Atlas. The peak of this trail will be the climb of the Amsoud (3174m). On top, the panoramic view steals my breath. No forests, no streets, no houses, nothing other than space and light. We descend to the colourful plateau near the spring of Timatras. This will be our bivouac place for the next two days. Tomorrow, we will put it to the test and climb the M'goun mountain.

We are not alone on this upland plain. Our neighbours, two young Berber boys, live a bit further in a cave with their herd. One of them has filled his plastic containers with water at the spring and carries it home. When we sit and enjoy the beauty of this place, we also witness a fascinating fight between a falcon and two giant, black crows. At night uncountable stars twinkle icily in the sky. It promises to be bitter cold now we camp at an altitude of 2850m. Because we have to get up very early in the morning we soon hit the sack. To be sure I sleep well in my bivvy-bag tonight, I even put on some extra thermal underwear.

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