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Taquille Photo,

Early in the morning we leave to the harbour by taxi. Outside it is still very cold. There is ice on the roads, and it is the middle of July! In the harbour we take one of the boats to Taquille and the Uros islands (see other journalentry). It's a very noisy boat filled with tourists. The boat trip to Taquille takes 4 hours and with the sun in the sky the temperatures have become very pleasant. We spent our time on the roof of the boat, burning in the sun. And burning we do, the sun is very strong at this altitude.
After arriving at Taquille we have to climb a hill to reach the village. At these heights, that is not easy. In the village square the guide gives us a small explaination about the island and the people, very interesting. After this we have diner in a small restaurant. The food is simple but good. Potato and fish. We take some time on the island before we leave for Puno again. We arrived in Puno after sundown, which means that again it is very cold.

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