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Doing Devonport

Devonport is a small community a short (10 minute) ferry ride from the Auckland docks at a cost of$8NZ ($3.25US) It is heavily promoted as one of those "small villages with atmosphere, charm, historic buildings, local artists and trendy cafes." It has a couple of mountains (really hills) giving a great view of Auckland for photography buffs. However, the view from the Devonport dock is just as good. Devonport also has several nice beaches if you are travelling in their summer season. Devonport has its own Explorer Bus and other tour buses which will deliver you to and pick you up from various locations. However, unless you want to climb all of the hills, you can probably walk the area yourself. In about an hour and 1/2 we walked about 2/3 of the explorer bus route including climbing to the top of one of the lookout hills. We are in our 50's and although the hill was a little tough, most people should be able to do it. Personally think the bus is a waste of money unless you are in a big hurry. If you are in a big hurry I would suggest you skip Devonport altogether as you would not miss anything that you couldn't find in 100 other "quaint little villages". We found several others in New Zealand to be more interesting than Devonport.

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