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Scotia Prince ferry

Land of lighthouses. Photo, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Scotia Prince travels between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, an 11-hour trip. You can see on a map that this saves a whole lot of driving. The ship leaves Portland at night and arrives early in the morning. It returns from Yarmouth at about 8pm.

The ship itself is not the most modern, but it does have a selection of bars, casinos, and places to eat. It also has a regular show at the Dolphin Lounge. Heading to Yarmouth, we had a couple drinks and then went to sleep so we'd be ready for our arrival at about 7am. The cabins were just like any other ship -- small!

Our return trip did not go as smoothly, however. I'm sure this doesn't happen often but due to weather and engine trouble, we wound up getting into Portland about 8 hours late. Fortunately, we signed up for a cabin so we had a place to crash. Getting a cabin for the Yarmouth-Portland leg is optional so there were quite a few people camping out around the boat because of the long delay.

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