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U.S. Mint - See a Coin Made

The coins in your pocket can be found being made at the U.S. Mint in downtown Denver. Actually, not all the coins. The Denver Mint coins nickels, pennies, and quarters. They also do a few other country coins.

A tour of the mint is way cool for the family or individual to experience. It runs every twenty or so minutes, and during the summer it is very busy.

The tour runs on the second floor of the mint so you can look down and see the machines and workers. Some machines punch the slugs, making them coins. You see the machines that count the coins and put them in flour sacks. There are also some interesting facts displayed in the hallways to read.

The only downfall of the tour is the security check before you get in. Be prepared to show your belongings if you plan to go inside. They also seem to rush the tour in the summer, so be prepared to move quickly.

After the tour, you are told some pretty awesome facts about the mint. It is amazing to know that this is the only mint that has never been robbed. It is also interesting to learn that 1/4 of all the U.S. gold is in the mint's basement.

The gift shop shouldn't be overlooked either. It has some interesting things to purchase to help you remember your visit.

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