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Vail the City/Colorado Ski Museum

When you think of Vail, you might think of the ski part where you fly down the mountain and enjoy the sport of the Rockies. However there is a city which accompanies the resort.

It has the basic essentials of a city: banks, supermarkets, galleries, library and theaters. One of the more famous things you can find in town is the Colorado Ski Museum. It is a neat little place that gives you the rundown of the sport. Personally I found a few interesting facts about the sport I would have never known (I am not telling you either - you need to stop by and see for yourself.)

Downtown you can ice skate on the famous arena and enjoy the beauty of the Rockies all at the same time. My friends and I went there and it was such a great time. A memory not to be forgotten.

In the summer Vail is dry, warm and a great place to enjoy the scenery or bike, hike or run. This is an off-time for the resort, but it is still busy in town.

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