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Promenade down Avenues Malausséna and Jean Médecin

Take a sunny weekday morning, grab your camera, wallet and walking shoes, and start out at Place Libération on Avenue Malausséna. Sunny: No problems here, unless you happen to fall on the one day per month that it rains! Weekday: except Monday, when the Libération market is closed. Morning: 9 or 10am is best, market closes at noon.

The Libération open-air market sports fish on the west side; fruits, vegetables and flowers on the east. Photo opportunities abound, and if your stomach can't resist the temptation, there's even a park just to the east to sit and enjoy some fresh food. Walking down Avenue Malausséna you'll also see stores showcasing fresh pasta, breads, pastries, meats, and non-foodstuff stores for just about everything imaginable. These wallet tempters include shoes, clothes, traditional fabrics, bags, dollar stores...

You've reached Avenue Jean Médecin when you cross under the railway tunnel. Care should be taken when crossing the street at this intersection - let the Niçois worry about crossing against the lights, and wait for a green. On Jean Médecin you'll find scores of restaurants, mainly geared towards tourists, but perfectly acceptable for those needing a quick lunch, coffee or sandwich. If you want to take a short detour to the Tourism Office, follow the railway tracks to the train station, where it is located. Maps and advice are free, and English is spoken!

Continuing down Jean Médecin, clothes abound. As a woman, I recommend H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Etam. Other stores tend to be cheaper and accordingly lower quality (though H&M has very low prices!). Notre Dame church is midway between the railway station and Place Masséna, on the west side of the street. Lower down, on the other side of the street, you'll find the mall, perfect for shopping for the whole family.

Finally, after passing by even more clothes stores, restaurants, and the famously tempting Sephora (perfume, cologne, makeup, soaps, and more), you'll reach Place Masséna with its evergreen grass and cool fountains. Take a seat - this is probably the only city that doesn't enforce France's "don't sit on the grass" law! But please watch out for presents left by the huge dog population.

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