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Activities at Water’s Edge

Tanger Outlet Photo, Westbrook, Connecticut


The Shops at Water’s Edge offer the option to do some world class spending without even taking out your car. While not in the resort itself, they are a very short walk across the parking lot. Thanks to the $25 gift certificate I was given as a Valentine’s welcome gift, I had to check out Bernie Fields Jewelry Store. I was very surprised when I saw the gift card. The Bernie Fields Jewelry Store that I knew had closed recently and since this was where Al purchased my engagement ring 39 years ago, along with several other pieces of jewelry over the years, it was with great sadness that I saw them leave. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the shop and saw familiar faces. Cutting to the chase, I now have a very cute garnet and silver bracelet as a souvenir of my week at the resort. Thanks to Water’s Edge.

Pool and fitness center.
While Kasey and I were indulging at the spa, Al, John, and the hooligans went off to visit the pool. We had a heck of a time finding the entrance to the pool. You need to go through the gift shop. There are separate locker rooms for men and women. The men are downstairs near the entrance , the women are downstairs halfway down the wall on the right of the pool. There is a separate sauna and steam room for men and woman. Within the pool area there is also a hot tub, a very good size hot tub. The pool was warm and the boys had a great time. Also right off the gift shop is the health club. This is a serious workout room with plenty of machines to choose from. You need to sign in and give them your room key in exchange for a locker key.
Playing for Children and Adults
For the kids there is a game room with a nice selection of arcade style games. This is also where you may rent DVDs. They are in a machine and you put in your credit card and receive your movie. The selection was acceptable, but not too extensive.

For the adults there is a business center where you have access to high-speed Internet. To get into the business center you need to get a special key at the desk. This key allows you entrance for 24 hours.

If you are going to be here for a week, or even a weekend, on Saturday morning there is a special introduction to inform you of what is happening in the area by activities director. In addition to a continental breakfast you will be provided with a full itinerary of things that you can do, not just in Westbrook but all over Connecticut... This is not a sales pitch, so relax you will not be pressured into becoming timeshare owners, it won't even be mentioned. Surprisingly enough no one mentioned purchasing a timeshare the entire week we were here.

The Spa-
I have a full entry on my experience but this is a full service day spa, and offers massages for both men and woman as well as a full array of other services.

During the warmer weather there is an outdoor pool and also an outdoor dining area. There are two tennis courts. And lets not forget the Long Island Sound which is right where this resort is located. There is a private beach with all sorts of water related sports available.

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