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Rue Petit Champlain Photo, Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec is a shopping city. I decided that the best way to pass on my years of experience was to just break it up into areas. I did a very basic four. Are there more than this? Of course but these 4 will give you a very good sense of what Quebec has to offer.

Rue Laurier- Rue Laurier is home to major Malls. I went to my first mall ever here when I was about 15. It was an eye opening experience. Rue Laurier is connected to Grande Allee, you just keep going west until you get to Sainte Foy. All the malls are one the north side of the Street and a favorite of mine is Place Laurier. Here you will find a several large anchor stores and hundreds of other smaller ones. Parking is in a covered garage if you’re lucky enough to find a space. We usually go out here in the late afternoon or early evening when the museums close but were not quite ready for dinner. There is a food court so here’s a chance to sample Quebec’s famous French fries with gravy.

Rue St. Jean- If you want to feel more like a Quebecer but still mix in a touristy touch this is a great area to shop. There are some fun shops here. Prices are not as high as on the Rue de Petit Champlain but you can still find some young and fresh French clothing designs, deliciously fragrant candles in scents not found at home and a favorite of ours to browse Excalibar, which can provide that Arthur and Genevere look in no time at all. Mix in some really delicious restaurants and you can find hours of non-stop shopping fun. This is not a pedestrian area and its no secret either so the sidewalks can become almost impassable at times, but stores stay open late here so evening are not necessarily bad.

Rue Petit Champlain-The lower down in town you get the higher the prices go, but don’t let that deter you. There are some really special shops on this street. You can purchase beautiful European lace, handmade leather goods, beautiful glass and pottery, cutting edge clothing and all the cheap, tawdry horribly tempting tee-shirts and key chains you could possibly want. Mix in with that the street artists that congregate in any empty space and you are guaranteed to be entertained. There are several restaurants worth a stop in this street my favorite being the Cachon Dingue (the crazy pig).

Rue St Paul - This is home to the finest antique stores in Quebec. It is a nice area to just browse and see what they have to offer. Don’t expect to find any bargains here but you never know what irresistible treasure you may uncover.

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