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Holbein altarpiece Photo, Frankfurt, Germany

History Museum This museum was a bit of a disappointment. Most of the exhibits are in German with only one plaque in each room having any English at all. There was no guidebook to buy or even a brochure. We were left to try to understand as best we could what they were trying to tell us.

The models are of particular interest especially the one of the city after the Allied bombing. The destruction was quite complete.

There was a video playing at the model but again no English sub titles at all. There is another large model of the city in the Middle Ages that dominates the first room that you visit.

There are some archeological sites right on the premises.

You get to walk down into the basement and examine the old pieces of wall. The chapel, Saalhofkapelle, which is also in the building, is the oldest building in Frankfurt.

There is a nice collection of old coins and medallions that document the different principalities of Germany. Coburg, Gotha, Hesse, and more are represented. It was interesting to see the images of the rulers on the coins but there were no English subtitles at all in this section.

One other interesting item, if you want to use the bathroom here you have to show your ticket at the coat check area and get a key so it’s not the place for a pit stop.

Frankfurt Churches- In the old town right around the Romerberg there are two churches other than the Dom worth a visit. The first is a Roman Catholic Church the Liebfrauen. Though largely destroyed during the war it has been beautifully restored and now has some really interesting art in the form of the Stations of the Cross. They are by Hetty Krist and not quite like anything I have ever seen before.

There is also a Lourdes Grotto in the outside courtyard where the devoted light candles. The second church is the Old St Nicholas Church and is Lutheran. Though small it is very appealing and if you look at the exterior roof you will see all these little windows. This is where the wives and perhaps other female friends would watch the more raucous activities that would take place in the square. Today during the Christmas Fair a band entertains the shopper from the gallery here. One other church we visited was St Leonhard, they have a Holbein altar piece that is worth a visit if you are a fan or if you are looking for an English speaking Catholic Church then this is the answer to your prayers.

The Romer-

This is the former town hall and it is one of the beautifully reconstructed buildings on the square. We had hopped to get inside to see the Kaisersaal or Imperial Hall but for no reason we could understand it was closed the day we were there.

Goethe Haus- The former home of the famous poet is open to the public and if I had read any of his work I would have visited it, Joe and Bob were very impressed.

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